So Amazing Lashes

So Amazing Ombre Brows

So Amazing Waxing

So Amazing Natural Set:

Classic minks, sweet and short, very natural look

So Amazing Classic Set:

more than natural but not too much, get the fullest look you can naturally achieve 

So Amazing Hybrid Set:

a mixture of classic and volume

So Amazing Volume Set:

2-5D lashes per lash, full and fluffy

So Amazing Mega Volume:

5-10D lashes per lash, super full, light and fluffy. Creates a darker fuller look.

So Amazing Lash Lift:

Keratin lash treatment. Great alternative for clients who have long but straight lashes and cannot maintain extensions. Last 4-6 weeks

* ALL lash sets come with FREE consultation 

*ALL lash sets will last 4-6 weeks with a maintain every 2-3 weeks recommended

*When picking the natural or classic set fullness depends on the fullness of your natural lashes. Every clients lashes are different

*If you are looking for a cat eye or a specific look please mention to tech during consultation  

Amazing Brows:

semi-permanent brows that resembles eyebrow pencil or powder.Very similar to Micro-blading but instead of hair like strokes, a fuller and softer effect is created. Last 1-3 yrs.

Amazing Brow Touch Up:

recommended 4-6 weeks after ombre brow application

Amazing Brow 1-3 yrs. touch up :

recommended after 1-3 yrs. to maintain ombre brows. * Must be a past client

Upper Lip

Under Arm








Eyebrow tint: