So Amazing Facials

Bringing the So Amazing experience to your skin! 

Facials for all skin types

*FREE skin consultation on ALL facial appointments 

*Some Facials need more than 1 session to take effect: Packages are available for all services 


So Amazing Express Fresh: 

Are you in need of a quick cleansing? Book our Express Fresh Facial now! Cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. Super convenient for our busier clients who have little time to spare. Serving you the benefits of a full cleansing facial in half the time. 

  • Extractions or serums not included  


So Amazing Fresh Facial:

This is our signature So Amazing facial. It is designed to treat and transform skin that has been affected from sun exposure, environmental changes, diet changes, and even stress! Extractions and serums are included. Our Fresh facial is customized per client catering to individual needs of every So Amazing client. 


So Amazing 24k Gold:

Infused with Pure 24K Gold this facial helps firm, lift, brighten, and calm the appearance of skin. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, toned, masked, and moisturized with our 24k Gold products. You are sure to leave with the ultimate So Amazing glow!


Specialty Facials 

So Amazing Teen:

Do you find hormones are taking over your face? If so, our Teen facial is designed for you! It targets stubborn black heads and break outs. In addition to cleansing, extractions, and hydrating serums this treatment includes extended exfoliation and a High Frequency machine to treat bacteria and reduce inflammation. 

So Amazing Man:

Men need love too right? This treatment is catered too men with and without beards and includes light aromas and tingling sensation to enhance your manly skin! LED light therapy is included to kill bacteria growth and stimulate hair growth. 

So Amazing Anti-Aging:

Keep your skin looking young and firm with this treatment. Relax as we apply our special cocktail that targets mature skin leaving it feeling refreshed, younger, and toned. 

So Amazing Diamond Microdermabrasion

Using our mechanical exfoliation, we reveal your healthy and more radiant skin by removing the outmost layer of dead and dull skin. 

So Amazing Hydroluxx:

This is a combination of antioxidant protection, hydration, extraction, exfoliation and cleansing techniques that ultimately leave the skin cleaner and more beautiful than it was prior to treatment. Not only does it use water to flush out the toxins in your skin, but oxygen too! Hydroluxx facials are the new thing in the facial community, try it with us first! 

So Amazing Chemical Peel:

This treatment is targeted to treat rough, dehydrated sun-damaged or acneic skin. A chemical peep is the one of the least invasive ways to improve your skin. The type and depth of the peel you will received is customized and vary per person. 

So Amazing Micro needling:

Micro-needling is a facial treatment in which tiny micro holes are created in the skin which in turn causes the skin to go into heal mode and create more collagen. The increase of more collagen helps improve acne scars improving the skins tone and texture. 

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